Every person has a different type mattress that feels the most comfortable. Some prefer a deep and soft mattress while others require firmer support for a bad back. Understanding what types of mattresses are available helps you make an informed decision when the time comes to buy a new bed for your home.

Unfortunately there is no international certificated standard for the firmness levels of mattresses. Any manufacturer can define the firmness of its products itself. In general we can say the higher the firmness indication is, the harder is the mattress.

In the Mussner Mattresses Online Shop we try to help you to find the right mattress for you! How a mattress 'feels' is quite a subjective thing and will differ according to individual perception. As a general guide, at The Mussner Mattress Online Shop we classify our mattresses in one of three ratings. But note: The feeling of hardness/firmness of course depends also very much on the body weight of a person. A person with a weight of 60 kg feels probably on a mattress with firmness H2 / just as hard or as soft as a person of 100 kg on a mattress H3 from the same manufacturer.

However, not only the scale of firmness of a mattress is responsible for a good sleep, but also their own sleeping habits and positions that are taken while sleeping and of course even the age! It seems that with increasing age people prefer more and more the comfort of a soft mattress

In Mussner Bedding Shop we offer you the additional information of the firmness with the following interpretation:

Soft Mattress H1

A H1 mattress is especially suitable for people with very low body weight and also offers these persons pleasantly supple, perfect body support. Similarly, an H1 mattress is also suitable for people who want or have to sleep on a soft mattress. Generally indicated for people up to 60 kg body weight.

Medium Mattress H2

The H2 mattress offers the golden mean. It is a very soft mattress. H2 mattresses are also for those "overweight" people who still wants to have a very soft mattress. Generally indicated for people up to about 60-80 kg of body weight.

Firm Mattress H3

The H3 is a firmer mattress. H3 mattresses are suitable for people who would like to have little harder mattress because they sleep for example, solely on the stomach. Generally indicated for people over 80 kg body weight

General considerations:

A great bed has two essential ingredients: a strong, attractive frame and a supportive, comfortable mattress. Like all great partnerships, you'll find that neither works so well without the other. Only when the interaction between the mattress and slats fit the body can regenerate during sleep. If you lie in bed, the body should be straight. Shoulder and pelvis should therefore not sink too much into the mattress. The height of the mattress is an important criterion. The core should be at least 16 cm high. Against higher seeds is nothing wrong, lower cores are not recommended. In general, we would like to recommend: the softer a mattress the more comfortable and high quality frame should be selected (more sprouts, central belts, etc.)