Warmth Classes

Our offer includes downfilled duvets, duvets with natural fiber fill and quilted beds with high-quality synthetic fillings.

Choosing the right duvet is very personal, as each person is an individual and therefore everyone has his personal warmth feeling.

Due to the different thermal sensation there is no internationally defined and certified information on the warmth of a duvets. To offer you a better information to the right duvet for you we indicate with every product detailed description about material, filling, and a "warmth rating". Our warmth rating is essentially a kind of recommendation for which season a particular duvet may be suitable. Our warmth rating is into five classes, the value 5 is for the warmest duvet available and the value 1 indicates the lightest quilts.

Warmth Class 1:

summer light - A very light duvet, for very warm seasons and warm bedrooms. Ideal for summer nights and for those who is always too warm.

Warmth Class 2:

light - A light blanket is indicated for those who like to sleep in a very heated room. Ideal as a blanket in the transition seasons spring and autumn.

Warmth Class 3:

normal - A medium-warm duvet. This duvets can be used both in summer and in winter months. This blanket also finds its use in heated rooms.

Warmth Class 4:

warm - A warm duvet - for bedroom temperatures of about 20 ° C. Ideal for the winter time. Sufficient for those with normal thermal sensation as a winter duvet.

Warmth Class 5:

extra warm - A very warm Duvet - bedrooms temperatures below 18 ° C. Only for the winter time. Extra warm winter blanket for cold regions, people thought with high heat demand, or even for extremely cold bedroom.